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Poor mental health is arguably one of today’s most prominent societal concerns. This concern is exacerbated by a lack of understanding, acceptance, and solid factual knowledge.


On the 2nd October 2021 our small family business, New Guard Mental Health Training Delivery, became a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales (with registered number 13657327).

Since that day we have been working towards our mission to form a “New Guard”. [A Group of persons united in an effort to change the status quo.] We aim to train, empower, and involve employers, employees, and the community to become that group of persons united in that effort.

Our Mental Health Training gives attendees the knowledge and skills required to assist a person when they need it most. Our training has demonstrable results in preventing suicide, self-harm and the social stigma that can be attached to both of those things and indeed Mental Health in general.

Meet the team

Meet the Team

Lisa Kenny

Founder, Company Director
& Craft Tutor


Founder, Managing Director
& Senior Training Instructor.

Chris Kenny


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