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Chris' Story

Chris' Story

New Guard Mental Health Training delivery, is the product of many years working in stressful high intensity environments. Those environments where often highly competitive, hierarchical, and on occasion hostile. During my career I was fortunate enough to lead soldiers, young and not so young, men and women, heterosexual, and from the LBGTQ+ community, from the UK and from many of the Commonwealth States. Some of those people came from loving families while others looked to escape abuse and neglect, some where financially stable others found themselves in financial strife. This richly divers culture and it's wealth of life experience, along with the powerful sense of community fostered through shared hardship, enable me to see the employment landscape from a very different vantagepoint.

A man for whom I hold great respect saw in me, and my leadership approach, compassion, understanding, loyalty and the necessary skills required to communicate with those who are in distress or crisis and so he employed me in a role that changed the path that my career and indeed my future would follow.


Chris Kenny, Co Founder
& Trainer @ New Guard Mental
Health Training Delivery 


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"Care properly understood is opposed to any form of pampering, on the contrary it fosters self-reliance."

 Training & Qualifications 

Training Delivery

  • L3 Award in Education and Training

  • L3 Award in Assessing Competency in the Work Environment


Mental Health First Aid England

  • MHFA England 2 Day Adult MHFA Trainer

  • MHFA England 1 Day Adult MH Champions Trainer

  • MHFA England Half Day Adult MH Awareness Trainer


  • Managing suicidal Conversations Trainer

  • Communicating with Vulnerable People Trainer

  • Building resilience and wellbeing Trainer

  • Managing Vulnerable Situations Trainer


Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Champion

DVSA Workplace Champion



Further Training and Continuous Professional Development


I have experience in dealing with, and training in the following areas, 

  • Mental Health First Aider (Armed Forces)

  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness (training provided by The Office for the Police and Crimes Commissionaire (OPCC(N) Northumbria)

  • Vulnerability Awareness (training provided by OPCC(N))

  • Children living with DVSA training (training provided by Newcastle City Council (NCC))

  • Coercive Control and Entrapment within DVSA Relationships Training (training provided by (NCC))

  • Working with Male Perpetrators of DVSA Training (training provided by (NCC))

  • Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage training (training provided by (NCC))

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