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Mamma Jacks
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Mamma Jacks is a community project that works under the umbrella of New Guard Mental Health Training Delivery CIC

We use our crafting activities to start conversations and encourage community engagement. It's all about bringing people together, through facilitating a space were like minded people can communicate freely and build positive relationships.  


Our Community Workshops require no previous experience, participants will be taught everything they need to know on the day enabling them to create a bespoke item they can be proud of.

We are a mobile service, So we can come along to any community location providing you have the required space and facilities. We loved to work with Schools, Charities, CIC and any other organisations, commented to enhancing the wellbeing of others in their community. Our prices are variable, depending on the activity you would like us to host. But we generally charge £25 per hour (minimum of 3 hour per session, 1 hour for prep and 2 hours teaching) plus the cost of the materials for the crafting session.

Painting with Watercolor

People we have worked with

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Logo Chrysalis Club
Logo Finchale Group
Logo Percy Hedley Foundation
Logo  Mind Tyneside & Northumberland
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Mamma Jacks is registered with the Intellectual Property Office Under class 16, Trademark No. UK00003221042

Contact Mamma Jacks directly on:

Email - or Tel - 07828668522

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