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Shopping Mall Escalators

We have had the privilege of providing Mental Health Training to a wide variety of people, including Security, Hygiene, Customer Services, Administration and Management Teams, at some of the biggest retail parks and shopping centers across the UK.  We have also been commissioned by Local Authorities and Social Care organistations to develop and deliver bespoke training packages to their workforce. Our growing client list also includes a highly skilled and fast-growing technology consultancy and one of the UKs leading collaborations that provides safe, sustainable training solutions for the Armed Forces. 

Who do we work with?

Shopping Mall Escalators

Our attendees have praised our training for its effectiveness in helping them to better understand, and manage mental health concerns, within the community in which they work and also in maintaining the condition of their own mental health and wellbeing.


A regular feature of our feedback, is the acknowledgement of the safe and supportive environment that our trainers work hard to create.

What people say about us.

"Brilliant tutor, well organised & presented. Great knowledge & involved the whole group".
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