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We at New Guard strive to demonstrate that a skilled and resilient organisation is not incompatible with a level of professional paternalism, where leaders and team members know, and understand, their duty of care and can deal with the needs of those who, for whatever reason, are unable to cope. 


We have designed an interactive training session that uses group activities, media clips and open discussion to share the course content. We tie this all together with a clear, easy to follow power point presentation. Each attendee will receive a workbook that can be used for note taking and kept for future reference along with a vulnerability Assessment Aid to assist them in the workplace, a Certificate of Attendance and a Pin Badge that indicates to those who may need help, that they are apart of the Safety Champions Community.

The Course focuses on three sections, Vulnerability Awareness, Communication Skill and Mental Health Awareness and will be delivered over six hour in one day. We can cater for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 attendees on one course. 

Please see below for a break down of what is covered in each section.

“Destroying the stigma that
surrounds the condition of our mental health and wellbeing is one of todays most prominent societal concerns”.
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By the end of the session your team will be better able to,

•  State in their own words the definition of vulnerability

•  Explain what circumstances and factors can make a person vulnerable.

•  Describe ways in which a vulnerable person can be recognised.


•  Explain in their own words the meaning of Duty of Care


• Use their Vulnerability Assessment card to assist them in decision making

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Communication Skills

By the end of the session your team will be better able to,

•  Use effective listening tools and techniques to acknowledge difficult feelings and circumstances.

•  Show that they have listened, heard and understood.

•  Stage a suicide intervention with confidence in themselves and the team.

•  Bring conversations to an end in a sensitive and professional manner.


•  Signpost people for additional, appropriate support.

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Mental Health Awareness

By the end of the session your team will be better able to,


•  Demonstrate an understanding of mental health continuum.


•  Understand how stress effects us.


•  Better understand some of the more common mental health issues.


•  Talk with a person who may be engaging in self harm or suicidal behavior.

•  Understand how to look after their own health.


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