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All of our MHFA England packages are delivered by one of our accredited, MHFA England registered trainers

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. Mental ill health can strike at any time and can affect people from all walks of life.

Although things are improving, stigma still exists around mental ill health. As a society, we don't tend to know how to take care of our mental health like we do our physical health. This means that people may not know how to support a friend, family member, colleague or employee experiencing a mental health issue, or where to go for support with their own mental health.


Grounded in research and rigorously tested, These MHFA England Courses are developed with input from clinical experts and those with lived experience of mental health issues. Research and evaluation shows that MHFA England courses make a lasting difference in people’s knowledge and confidence around mental health.


MHFA England (Adult) First Aid Training

As an MHFAider® you will be able to: 

  • Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention 

  • Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other supports 

  • Practice active listening and empathy 

  • Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma 

  • Discuss the MHFAider® role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality 

  • Practice self-care 

  • Know how to use the MHFAider Support App® 

  • Know how to access a dedicated text service provided by Shout and ongoing learning opportunities with MHFA England  

MHFA England (Adult) One Day Training

This one day course trains you as an MHFA Champion, giving you: 

  • An understanding of common mental health issues  

  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness

  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health 

  • Skills to support positive wellbeing

MHFA England (Adult) Half Day Training

Training room, MHFA England Materials

This course raises awareness of mental health. It covers: 

  • What mental health is and how to challenge stigma

  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues

  • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing

  • Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue



MHFA Refresher

The four-hour MHFA Refresher course will support your MHFAiders® by: 

  • Renewing their skills 

  • Updating their knowledge of mental health supports 

  • Giving them the chance to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan

  • Providing them access to three years of MHFAider® support and benefits

Enabling your MHFAiders® to refresh their skills, the same way your physical first aiders do, is a great way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to treating mental health and physical health equally. 

Training Enabled Action on Mental health Safety 

The TEAMS training package is a fantastic initiative put together by us as New Guard. TEAMS is designed for business' that understand the importance of Mental Health Safety in the workplace and are committed to deploying a holistic strategy of education led care, across their business. 

We will roll our a tiered structure of training across your business that fits seamlessly around your business and its needs

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